Friday, 1 February 2008

Best of January

February is here! Here is some of the best Korea & Animation stuff from January:

Yup, that's poop. And in Korea, it's cute. Click here only if you dare to see more poop in cute form.

The Year of the Rat is near! February marks the Chinese New Year, which is a big holiday in Korea. Click here to see some rat cake advertisements which borrow heavily from animation. There is more about the Year of the Rat to come in February.

Boom Chiki Boom! is a good example of OSMU. Click here to learn more about OSMU and the Boom Chiki Boom! stage show. I will be writing about the Chinese expansion of Boom Chiki Boom! this month.

Thanks for reading and expect plenty more this month!


Helterskelterrr said...

Hi! Just came across your blog while randomly browsing for animation blogs on Internet. I am an animation professional from India and I found your blog about Korean Animation very informative and interesting.

I have a blog where I keep posting some drawings and sketches from time to time. Feel free to drop in whenever u can.


Midodok said...

Hey Atish,

Thanks for stopping by! The Indian animation industry is something I would like to learn more about. Maybe you could start an India & Animation blog?

The drawings on your blog were excellent!