Wednesday, 5 March 2008

New Links: Useful Korean Animation Stuff +More!

I was walking through a snowy mountain when . . .Squirrel: Psssssst! Aren't you Midodok?
Midodok: Yeah.
Squirrel: I've been visiting your blog. It's okay. But I wanna see more stuff done by Korean animators. Whaddya say?
Midodok: Sure, how about I put up some links to friends and co-workers of mine? You can visit the artist Skitsch's sketch blog. She's got a lot to say and drawings to share. Or you can visit Park Min's Naver blog. He posts his animation work sometimes and does it with a lot of style. Or how about Studio Moziri? They create cute and funny animations for you to watch online. Check it out!
Squirrel: Wohoo! Thanks a lot!

Woodpecker: Tk tk tk tk tkkk. It's not enough! It's not enough!

Midodok: Huh?.

Woodpecker: You don't post enough on this blog! I want more, more , MORE!! Tk tk tk tkkkk.

Midodok: Sorry. I do my best!

Woodpecker: It's not enough! Tk tk tk tk tk.

Midodok: Well, there is this website hosted by the Korean Culture and Content Agency (KOCCA). They've got a wealth of information about Korean animation, comics, characters, video games, edutainment and more! I think it could be of great use to people interested in Korean creative content. I should visit that website more often myself.

Woodpecker: Thanks, I guess. Tk tk.

Bees: Bzzzzz. Bzzzzzzz. Bah! Who cares about Korean animation!? We want to read about Korean movies. And sometimes music. Not animation!
Midodok: Sheesh! You mountain animals are asking for so much today!
Bees: Bzzzzzzzz.
Midodok: Okay, there is this blog called Korea Pop Wars by Mark Russell. He covers Korean movies and music in a professional manner. You bees would dig it.
Bees: Why thank you!

All the new links discussed here have been permanently posted on the right side of this blog. I hope they are useful to you. Check them out!


Agent Anderson said...

Ha! Hurray for tiny creatures! Oh, and good job on listening to them--most times their opinions on animation and blogging go unnoticed. But as we now know, they are a smart bunch (if not a little demanding). Sorry it's been so long since I've visited the blog, but now that I'm back, hopefully it's to stay!

Midodok said...

Agent A: Thanks for listening to the tiny creatures. I know they appreciate it.

Helly said...

Those are very demanding tiny creatures but I like the way you handled their responses!

Anonymous said...

I like it the most!
they looks real!

from scary person :)

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