Friday, 23 May 2008

SICAF 2008 - The 12th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival

Quick Update: If you have time this weekend, check out the 12th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF 2008).

Here are some useful links:


It's located at SETEC, a convention center a short walking distance from Hangnyeoul station, on Seoul subway line #3.

I plan to attend on Saturday, and this post will turn to a recap of the festival (with pictures). Stay tuned!


Alex in Hoju said...

We are all waiting :)

Don't worry. Take it all in coz there's bound to be plenty of new stuff to see there.
I went to SICAF for a few days in 2006 coz there was a fair bit to flesh out there.

I really envy you for getting the chance to go in 2008. There'd be so many new releases being shopped around and big name creative animator / directors. And there's always good student animation there too.

Oooohhhh and posters...

Alex in Hoju said...

We're still waiting here Midodok. When are you going to post on SICAF?

ween... said...

Where have you been?????


Hope things are going well. I'll try to email you sometime this week.

Zirchi Gray said...

I love this blog you can check mine out too I think I will be in korea soon also. in seoul

Anonymous said...

Are you still around? I need your talents for a project I am working on in the U.S. Can you contact me?

I am thinking about opening a small Korean Fast Food place and would like to have you design our menu boards and stuff like that. Email me ASAP. Thanks

pixymagic said...

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