Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Kids' Halloween Monsters

This is a brilliant idea!Everland hosted an art display in their amusement park as part of their Everland Happy Halloween celebration. Grade school children were asked to submit their ideas for Halloween monsters. Those drawings were given to art students at Hongik University, a renowned arts university in Seoul, who used the drawings as inspiration for further drawings.

There were tons of displays that looked just like this in the European themed square. Here's some close-ups of the monsters the kids and art students imagined:

An angry Korean goblin.

Cool Goggles!

In this one, the Hongkik student changed very little, but the design still came out unique and cute.

The kid who designed this must hate carrots.

A selected few drawings got the deluxe treatment and were made into displays. Here are some of those:

A D-War inspired kid drawing.

An art student's take on it.

The deluxe version.

The final display at Everland.

This pumpkin goblin by a 4 year-old is my favorite.

Character designers take note; I think this model of creating characters is brilliant and should be used more often. Don't you think kids come up with some great ideas?

Thanks Everland, Hongik students and kids for the Halloween treat!

There is one more Everland and Halloween related post coming tomorrow.


Jee won 'ㅂ' said...

Oh! did you go to Everland?
I like there!>ㅂ<

>>Really cute picture >ㅂ<

Midodok said...

Hey Jee Won! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, Everland is a really fun place. I like it there, too.

mom said...

I love the angry carrot. These are so creative! I have to ask, though - what's with the killer sprem?

Midodok said...

Sheesh, "Mom", kids ARE reading this!!!! I think what you are refering to is the spirit of a person.

Midodok said...

By the way, I like the killer carrot a lot, too!

Danny said...

wow. Those are really cool dude. When are you going to be rich and get us all tickets to go to Korea? Next year? 2 Years? Let me know...

Midodok said...

Ha ha, Danny. I am rich with friends but that's about it!

Anonymous said...

Hey midodok!
These are really creative! Thanks a lot for sharing!