Friday, 1 February 2008

Cute Short Animation by Studio Moziri

Here's a little homegrown Korean animation for you:

Director Yong Chan Kim is really sad that his animation has barely any views on YouTube. So, he wanted to share it with all of you readers of this blog. He created this with the help of Technical Director, Park Min Sun.

You can learn more about his emoticon characters, Pip Man & Pip Girl, over at Director Kim's own blog, Or you can view more of his animations over at YouTube.

The characters in this animation will be familiar to Korean handphone users. Emoticons are pushed wildly to their limits in text messages here. In fact, Director Kim's own niece may be the emoticon champion!

Enjoy! \(^ _ ^)/

Oh, by the way, Director Kim has promised us an interview so we can learn more about his work in a big animation studio (not his personal hobby, Studio Moziri). Feel free to send in your questions for this upcoming interview!

"SEND 'EM IN!" L(` 0 ` )


Anonymous said...

so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

^ like what he or she said, it's cute :)
it would be nice if there were more to it. I'm gonna be pretty blunt, but sometimes the mouthing doesn't seem right for some.

HOwever, GOOD WORK!!!!