Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Thirsty Thirsty Hippos

Hippos make great trade characters!

Oxy, a maker of household products in Korea, has a "Hippo" line of products to help you manage funky smells, humidity, and even moths in your household.

What a perfect decision to use happy hippos for this brand of products! The image of hippos as fat aquatic animals with endless appetites carries over well to this line of products. The above hippo image is used on the odor eating products. But, do you think this hippo seems to be sucking up odors or has ice breath?

The above product's name means "Odor Eating Hippo". The squishy bubbly beads of this product pair up naturally with the hippo. Don't you find this product quite appealing?

The hippos can be easily changed to match the "flavor" of the odor eaters.

In this Hamaroid product, the hippo is dressed as a scientific academic. Who better to guard your precious clothes from moths than a hippo who has done its research!

Here the hippo has put all pretense behind and is downright ready to fight off those pesky moths!

This is The Thirsty Hippo product. It sucks water right out of your room! Look closely at how it sucks the water right into its own legs.

Cuteness also makes hippos great trade characters for products. These air fresheners use the hippo characters to brand themselves. Oxy's hippos really stand out and are a lot of fun.

Here's a comparison. These Air Wick products use a woman's face rather than cartoon hippos. Don't you think this brings a whole different meaning to the product?


Alex in Hoju said...

Oh yeah, these are good in summer when the humidity is awful- one hippo pot can suck 1.5 cups of water out of the air in an apartment- and if you don't buy them or have some kind of electric humidity control, the freaking wall paper starts growing mould!

Personally, I think mid April to early May and then the first few weeks of Autumn later in the year are the best times to visit Korea because for the rest of the year you're dealing with extreme dry with freezing cold, monsoons or sticky humidity.

Midodok said...

Alex, I didn't know that Hippo products worked so well! I'll make sure to remember this for when the humidity rolls in.

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