Monday, 17 December 2007

2nd Dream of Winter at Gallery Artside

The things I put myself through in the name of art!

This poor bear is stuffed in the front window of Gallery Artside in Insadong. It's part of the 2nd Dream of Winter exhibit running from December 12th through the 28th. If you happen to be near the Insadong area, it's worth a short visit.

The exhibit is small. It consists of pieces inspired by the dreams of childhood. My guess is if you like cartoons that you'll like this exhibit. It's sweet, simple, and free.

It features the following artists: Back Seung Woo, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Lim Taek, Noh Jun, and Yoon Byung Woon. Here is the gallery's introductory message to the exhibit:

With the coming of Christmas, this exhibition was planned to cherish
hopeful and happy dreams in childhood. To have a dream and to have an
ambition in childhood itself has significant meanings to it and we get
encouraged from parents or acquaintances. However, circumstances turn
around when we become an adult. We are not asked of our dreams
anymore when we become an adult. It is considered immature for an
adult to have a dream and we take cautions ourselves considering it as vain 'day
dream'. Especially, modern people are worn and tore in fierce
competition and are not allowed to have a dream anymore. With the coming
of Christmas, time when we spend time with the beloved families, we have
set opportunities for not only children but also adults to speak out their
dreams freely in the name of a '2nd day dream'. You,
standing here. What dreams do you have now?

If you go to this exhibit and find my recommendation was a sour one, I do not apologize for this. Why? Because next door to this exhibit is a small permanent robot museum and across the street is a nostalgia shop full of cartoon characters. Just check those out. Insadong is also full of other galleries, although they aren't as animated as this one.


Nugget Knight said...

I would definitely check out the robot museum!

TrojanTrumpet said...

What happened to the bear? Why is it so huge and stuffed there in the front window? I guess it catches people's attention, but it seems so strange.

Midodok said...

Trojan Trumpet, Gallery Artside always does interesting stuff to get your attention. If I'm not mistaken, they do some performance art stuff outside the gallery sometimes, too.

Nug' Knight, I'll make sure and post more about that robot gallery in the future.

parkmin said...

hows going? merry christmass!!!
maybe do you forget moving apartment? ^^ see you soon..

nini said...

Hi ,midodok...
you know the GALLERY ARTSIDE BEIJING the 798-Dashanzi,
I been there last week and i need to do a report about it .but mightbe there sth wrong with its official web...Fortunately midodok
do a good job what i can use....
thanks whatever...waiting more

Midodok said...

Hey Nini,

Glad I could help. But keep in mind, this Gallery Artside is in Seoul, KOREA, not Beijing! I hope you didn't get them mixed up!!!

Mariah said...

People should read this.