Tuesday, 4 December 2007

What's On Your Desk? Wea Hyung Soo

Prepare yourself for another What's On Your Desk?. This week we feature Wea Hyung Soo.Hyung Soo is a prop designer. He's also a toy hobbyist. There are tons of toys all over his desk. He's also got tons of magazines about toys. There are so many that the following is just part of his collection. #1: Gundam Collection - MS-05B Zaku I
#2: Gundam Collection - MSN-02 Perfect Zeong
#3: Gundam Collection - FA-78-1 Gundam Full Armor Type
#4: Gundam Collection - G-Fighter
#5: Gundam Collection - MS-06J Zaku II #6: Evangelion
#7: Gundam - Dom
#8: Gigantor villain (?)
#9: a Gundam (?)#10: Dunbine
#11: Combattler V
#12: Gundam Collection - Zaku II (in color)
#13: Dragon Chronicle series dragon
#14: Dragon Chronicle series dragon
#15: Dragon Chronicle series dragon
#16: Trolley Car from a chocolate egg #17: Oh My Goddess!
#18: Urusei Yatsura character (?)
#19: a cat
#20: Pinky Street series
Phew! That's a lot of toys for one desk! Hyung Soo wasn't certain of all their names, so fill us in if you can. Check out this funny prop that Hyung Soo created and let me share with you:

The Cat Sword!

Hyung Soo can also design characters very well. Especially the ones that integrate weaponry and armor.

Hyung Soo is great at his craft and always has the best animation playing on his computer. Drop him a note in the comments section.


Gabriel said...

wow, cool collection! And nice drawings, the cat sword is awesome. Why is the paper yellow, do you draw on postits too?

ruin107 said...

Thank you very much!!

Midodok said...

By the way, ruin107 really is Hyung Soo.