Thursday, 13 December 2007

Fifteen Little Piggies

Pork is a big part of the Korean diet. Many restaurants display pig characters to let you know what you can eat inside. There are all sorts of ways to represent pigs. This is a sample of around 15.

It's unlikely to see pigs represented as real-life pigs like these:

These boar designs are quite traditional.

This pig is a little cartoon like, but it's still more like a pig than a human.

You are much more likely to see pigs as cartoon characters. They stand on two legs, wear human clothes and even have their own personalities:

Many wear aprons or chef hats to underscore that they are delicious.

This one seems euphoric in its getup.

This one is lazy and cares nothing of formality. It skipped right passed getting dressed to impress and is wearing the pot it will be served in as a hat! And to top it off, it's sticking its tongue out at us!

Some dress in ways that suggest they will offer you excellent service. Especially if you are made of bamboo.

Pigs can be proudly patriotic.

This pigs seems humble and friendly in overalls. It's like the pig next door.

Sometimes pigs are paired with other food on the restaurant menu:

Pork and beef are an unbeatable team.

Even abstract pigs can team up with abstract cows.

They seem utterly bewildered by why the abstract humans are so happy.

This pig seems in total harmony with its fish friend. That is until . . . . . .
Oh no!

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