Saturday, 19 January 2008

Be Back on the 28th! +Sneak Peek

I'll be back to post more the 28th of this month. I hope you come back! In the meantime, here is a special sneak peek:
This bad little granny is one of my favorite characters from an upcoming project I'm working on. I wanted to share her with you. I will reveal more about this project later.

For all of you newcomers to this blog, here is the best of this blog so far:

Best of Korea & Animation

By the way, some of you have emailed interesting questions you have about Korean animation that I'll try to answer on here. Feel free to continue sending those questions in!

Thanks, and see you on the 28th!


mchan said...
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Anonymous said...

Did you draw that? From Stan the Man!

Midodok said...

Nope. Didn't draw it. But I created that character, though.