Thursday, 17 January 2008

Cover Your Sleeves and More!

What's that you've got on your arms, Jeong Eun?
Aha! You are covering your nice long sleeve shirt. I guess your job as key animator can get pretty messy. Those sleeve covers sure must come in handy!

I bought a pair of those on the street. I guess I've been using them wrong.

I guess they are not fashionable leg warmers.

Or milk jug cosies either.

They sure worked well as tangerine dispensers.

And they really did spruce up that battery-powered dancing toy that got kind of boring.

I guess you can use them however you want. I wonder how people in other parts of the world use them?

1 comment:

Nugget-tastic Waffle-licious said...

They're so versitile! i like the tangerine dispenser idea. :)