Monday, 7 January 2008

Creature and Character Caps

It is cold in Korea! It's a good thing these character and creature caps are a popular fashion trend brightening up the winter.These caps are most popular with kids who wear them while out and about. Every once in a while you can spot them on an adult, too.

The sheer variety of styles is impressive. It seems you can find a cap of almost any animal. Above I see: a koala, cats, tigers, a panda, bears, and a husky. Not pictured are countless other animals. I've even seen an insectoid cap!

And there are lots of cartoon character caps, too. Above are some Sanrio, Warner Bros. and Disney characters. I've seen a funny Santa Clause character cap as well.

I wonder if the use of these characters is even legal? I don't know, but isn't this off-model Mickey Mouse something?

It's nice for a fashion trend to enliven the winter. Is this fashion popular in your part of the world, too?


Adrienne said...

The illigality of a lot of the liscenced merch that you see in Korea is part of the fun--sometimes you see stuff way more fun and cute than what the official liscencers manufacture, especially American ones. For instance, one of my prized possessions from Korea is a Mickey Mouse comic strip bag, with a useful Bible verse printed on it. ---and I'm pretty sure now my stuffed Totoro isn't official either. Yes...admittedly, it's sometimes enjoyable to step to the bad side. I was young and foolish at the time. Crimes of youth!! Anyoungi keseyo.

Midodok said...

Hey Adrienne,

Ha ha, good points! I am particularly partial to the off-color stuff.

Hey, I saw you linked to here on your blog. Thanks a lot!

schizo said...

Where can you buy these? I want one!