Monday, 19 November 2007

Animation Museum Art Pieces


I made another trip to the Animation Museum in Chuncheon today. Since museums frown on taking pictures inside, I thought I'd share some of the outdoor art pieces with you.

There are a lot of these robotic statues. What makes most interesting is that they are made out of a mix of stuff that must be recycled junk.This insect is made from autobike parts.There are a handful of these pieces made out of old tires and other parts.It's amazing how the artist was able to use junk and bring life to it. This frog looks like it's curious as to why I'm taking its picture.This King Kong inspired piece looks like he knows exactly why I'm taking his picture and is posing for a dramatic effect.I found this dragon particularly impressive. It's much more impressive in real life. It feels like it's going to soar right into the heavens above the lake just behind it. This is one of two art pieces that welcomes you to the Animation Museum. It's called Vision and it captures what we should strive for in animation:
Fantastic journies into the unknown . . .. . .adventures that need gallant heroes. . .
. . . and the spirit of flight and freedom.

I think Vision serves as a good inspiration to animators.Then there's these two goofballs that are the other featured statue. They remind us that animation should be fun, too. And to enjoy the wonderful city of Chuncheon as well!


Carrie said...

I really like the tire pieces, especailly the dog. Really creative. I'd like to be able to "see" these things in "junk." Thanks for the post :)

Midodok said...

Thanks Carrie! I think the dog is supposed to be a jaguar, though.