Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Hooray for Inbetweeners!

An important group of people to any animated production are the inbetweeners.They work VERY hard drawing everything inbetween keyframes. There is no room for mistakes! They must draw as closely as possible to perfect. And they must do it all according to strict schedules and deadlines.If not done perfectly, their friendly boss will make them redo it. If they don't, they'll get it back as a retake and have to do it again anyways. (She really is friendly!)
Inbetweening is usually the starting point in an animation career. It can be a thankless, busy, and long hours kind of job.But that doesn't mean there isn't some time for fun. Inbetweeners become good friends and have a great sense of community.
Hooray for inbetweeners! Various people are part of the animation process, but inbetweeners are indispensible. Thanks to them, people around the world, be it Japan, Canada, Korea, the United States or beyond, get to enjoy their favorite stories.

Send them your gratitude in the comments! I'll make sure to pass it along!


David Nethery said...

Yea, verily.

Hooray for the Inbetweeners.

MarvKookies said...

Ditto!Eventhought its an old topic its kinda new to me and I really do appreciate all the hard but awesome work they go thru...all I can do now is work hard to get to that point