Thursday, 15 November 2007

Seafood Showcase

Many trade characters like to give the thumbs up, but there is one group of animals who are at a disadvantage in this area: sea creatures. They don't have thumbs to persuade you with fancy gestures. However, that doesn't mean they can't put their claws to good use:

The following two tentacled fellows use their eyes to get your attention rather than draw attention to their lack of thumbs:The snooty way this squid is closing its eyes suggests its restaurant must be of the ritziest caliber where only the elite are welcome.

This one's using his eyes to express complete happiness. Everybody's welcome at his place!This cuttlefish went all out in chef's gear. It's so tasty that it can't help but lick itself!

I think this eel is conflicted about its job as a trade character. It looks like it just found out exactly what its restaurant does to eels.This pollack looks happy enough.

If there is one thing that fish trade characters do well, it's jumping. That is their thumbs up.

Jumping out of water may seem a drastic measure to get your attention, but here is a reminder of the competition they are up against:

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Anonymous said...

i actually have the "snooty squid" tattoo'd to my ankle haha