Wednesday, 21 November 2007

What's On Your Desk? Hwang Young Sang

It's time for another 'What's On Your Desk?'. This week we feature Hwang Young Sang.
Young Sang is a character designer. He keeps busy churning out all sorts of different characters. Pirates, monsters, townspeople, heroes, villains, goats; he does it all. On his desk he's got a few figures to help him along.#1: The Front of Armament figure
#2: an anatomical view of a hand
#3: Hurricane Joe
#4: Chibi Gallery husky

#5: Chibi Gallery molesYoung Sang drives an autobike and is even cooler than his toys. He spent a year in Shanghai working in animation. You can ask him questions and say 'hi' here or on his personal blog.

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