Monday, 12 November 2007

What's on your desk? Kim Jeong Eun

It's another Monday and time for another, "What's on your desk?". This week we feature Kim Jeong Eun.
Jeong Eun is a key animator. Therefore, she needs lots of space to put her work and reference materials. And, of course, she needs room for her toy companions as well. She has so much stuff at her desk that we'll just focus on the toys on that top shelf.

#1: Cinamoroll plushie and toothbrush cover
#2: Stitch in white and blue
#3: Chibi Gallery cat figures
#4: Chibi Gallery bear figures
#5: Ghost in the Shell robot
#6: The Nightmare Before Christmas
#7: The Joker
#8: A rabbit girl figure
#9: Keroro in tiny and clear form
#10: Finger skateboard
Jeong Eun is kind of shy and likes cute things a lot. Tell her 'hi' in the comments section and I'll make sure she sees it.


Milo said...

Hi Jeong Eun and Midodok :)
That little gold Tachikoma figure is so cool... And it's nice to see the poster for The Girl Who Leapt Through Time!

Midodok said...

Is that what that robot's called. I never knew. Thanks!