Monday, 5 November 2007

What's on your desk? Park Min Sun

A stereotype of animation people is that they have toys all over their workspace. And it's true! This is the first, "What's on your desk?" post. Today we feature Park Min Sun.

Min Sun works as a technical director, so he has two big screen computer monitors which have a few toys on them.#1: Mickey Mouse bobblehead

#2: Eeyore bobblehead

#3: Goofy bobblehead

#4: Kiroro and mobile suit

#5: Keroro and mobile suit

#6: Model robot from Japan

#7: Stitch in capsule X 2
This Eeyore deserves a close up.
Min Sun is a hard working and friendly guy. He used to have three Stitches but he gave one away. Tell him 'hi' by leaving comments!


민선 said...

와우~~~ 멋지네요^^

쇠막대기 said...

i envy you!!!!